this juxtaposed reality is my current companion / by Ellen Sorensen

this juxtaposed reality is my current companion

to open my heart to a new love

to feel torn apart by a lost love

and the current is dragging me along

joy in the morning 

tears at night 

and work and sleeping between 


sadness is an unwelcome friend 

i know her well, but never on my terms

she barges in, never minding my current state of affairs 

she poisons my happiness 

so the bitterness overwhelms my tongue 


there's moments when i'm strong 

when my defenses withhold her demands 

where i can breath without choking for breathe 

where i can smile and turn my palms upward in thanksgiving 

and let the celestial light guide me home


the pulls don't scare me anymore

it's a natural part of humanity

the push and pull of gravity

we orbit, we cycle, we evolve

and somehow, the natural place for us, it's right in the middle of it all