inhaling in slow motion / by Ellen Sorensen

waking up when it's still quiet outside

the sky hasn't bloomed into bright blue 

air so crisp you could bite into it with a crunch

and buds that haven't opened to search for the sun


there is a lull, a small break before feet start to creak and patter 

where i am content and warm before the day winds up and passes by 

my thoughts can wander and my dreams can slowly come to an end

it's the magical silence before the noise reaches peak in this city life 


so i'll wonder a little bit more

i'll expand one moment as long as i can

pushing to describe it

stretching it out until it goes flat 

until the moment is sufficiently captured


these are the moments that make life sweet

the ones that you can't live in for very many breathes before it's gone forever

so i'll inhale in slow motion and pretend i can make time slow down

like a little kid that puts his hands over his eyes

and believes that he can't be seen