you can't stop me / by Ellen Sorensen

storming out the door and you can't stop me

not because there's fear in my heart 

but because there's no denying her call

i must follow the music in her voice


step by step, carefully heeding her call

footsteps quicken, heels barely meeting the ground 

i must go, i must give myself to her 

my eagerness, my ambition, my fire


she does not demand, she desires

she sees the best and inspires the chase

her name is obscured by most but i know

her as creativity, inspiration, mother 


she is as a part of me, as i am her 

i know her beck and call is never convenient 

but it's always worth it to follow 

because i am whole when we are together 


my mother, my ethos, my agape

the enthusiasm and passion to which i live

no one understands me like she does 

because she is i and i am her