benched / by Ellen Sorensen



the torturous flight path 

of some injured sparrow 

on an agile descent 

toward the earth. 


the time lapse of a

year of sunrises and sunsets

only the first seven mesmerize you

then your eyes glaze over.


waiting, stopping 


on some endless 

and unrelenting cycle.


yellow, pause

red, pause

green, pause 



the lows are 

as black and unknown 

as the bottom of the ocean 


the highs 

induce a feeling most associated 

with some sublime psychedelic trip


and here i am

minute to minute

falling in places all over 

the proverbial board


wondering why it is my fate

to have such exhausting and wonderful

feelings pulsing through my

neurological system without cease


my star player has been on the field 

running end line to end line 

dehydration and fatigue are 

causing him to be sloppy 


he must be 


until he recovers