i see you and call out your name / by Ellen Sorensen

i see you and call out your name

but you hide away in fear and shame

"come", i call

but you fall asleep, barely remembering

the way i touched you in the dark

the way the sunrise surprises the night

and disappears again


what are you fighting?

who are your demons? 


you say, "i'm jaded"

and i just want to know

if you could heal your open wounds

if you could love again 


i don't want your bullshit excuses

for why you can't let things go

i see your strength, your ferocity 

your undying resilience 

i've met the devil inside you

and he doesn't scare me


what gives me tremors at night

is your indifference 

your blasé attitude 

towards the sacred, the intimate, 

the vulnerability and passion it takes

to be truly alive