six years / by Ellen Sorensen



in loving someone, you live and you learn

but above all, you love with every ounce of who you are

how can you love someone if you don't first love yourself? 


take time to heal your wounds, to learn the best and worst of yourself

you are only able to accept and see the truth 

when you have already learned to give yourself grace


celebrate the beauty inside you! 

see yourself for the amazing person you are

gifted with strength, talents, and a unique perspective 


allow your best self to fully awaken and never stifle your passions

for the power that is held in those places is the fiercest thing you have

and your greatest ally during the most difficult times of life


never lose sight of who you are, where you've been, and where you want to go

confidence in yourself is the backbone of all great relationships

for if one does not know himself, how can he know another?




years ago I fell in love with someone I barely knew

and as blinded as we were by the romance

we decided the only logical thing was to exchange vows


the differences couldn't be greater at times

but neither of us would have grown as rapidly 

if we hadn't made the best decision we've ever made 


that day was so simple and beautiful and true

like the last page of a romance novel

and then we realized that we were only a few paragraphs in


the vows that you make seem unbreakable

but as the bliss wears off, you have only one choice 

to honor your vows, or to throw in the towel 


i've never known love like a sacrificial love

but day after day, conflict after conflict 

i stay and he stays because of love


to choose grace and love over resentment 

is the greatest challenge of any relationship 

and the man I found chooses to never run out


years in, I can see the beautiful story we are creating

challenging each other to grow and experience new things

learning to be empathic towards things we don't understand 


my idealist self wants to believe that love, passion, and kindness is automatic

and they exist in everyone all the time, but in reality,

everything enduring blossoms out of selflessness 


that is and has been the hardest thing for me to learn

but I feel lucky because I have the chance to love someone who is logical 

he teaches me everyday that love is a constant attitude and choice 


to gain the results you desire, you need more than just idealistic thoughts 

you need hard work and undying dedication 

and in that sacrifice, the truest and grandest form of love is achieved




she integrated his truths but didn't forget her strengths

her intuition, empathy, and creativity would always guide her

and still, he saw the beauty inside her and loved her all the more