precious soul, i see you there / by Ellen Sorensen

precious soul, I see you there 

hiding in plain sight 

we were bound once, long ago

but unraveled 

as if a kite slipped loose


do you think about what we could've been? 

I admit I have on more than one occasion 

all those times of secrets only we knew

of whispers in the dark 

of futures we made up


and even though we don't talk anymore

i think about you late at night 

and I melt at memories with you

the way you looked at me 

and we both knew


(i wish I could've held on a little more fiercely

to maintain something better than this 

life has its reasons, of course

to swallow us up and pull us apart)


how have you slipped into unfamiliar

after I built a place for you in my heart? 

sometimes I want to talk to you like I used to 

(and avoid the emptiness of your absence)

but I'm relinquished to write poems 

to an old acquaintance

when all I want is to call you my friend