lungs rise and fall / by Ellen Sorensen

lungs rise and fall, slower with each passing breath

the weight of the physical and emotional parts of me sink into dark space

and I am free

free to cleanse the anxiety

free to let my mind wander

free to hold memories close 

and let nostalgia hold me back


these moments are my garden of eden 

sacred, warm, blissful 

i feel no fear, nothing but

love taking the form of blankets


i close my eyes and you appear

so close that my senses feign reality

your smell, the light in your eyes, the vibrations of your voice

i am entranced once again.


and then the dream takes over

subconscious imagination of projected activities 

walking through city streets

laughing, breathing, talking 

like time never passed, like nothing ever changed 

you, confidant and cool, and I, your equal,

quietly fading into the night