dear sister / by Ellen Sorensen

dear sister,


these last years have not been kind to you

outside forces damping your sweet spirit

tempting you to give way to bitterness

paving the way towards anger and defeat


and yet, the light in your heart flickers on

in the middle of chaos, the embers glow

keeping the love in your soul warm

so you are able to smile in the midst of pain


you have questioned the universe and asked,

“what have i done to deserve this?”

only to receive an empty nothingness

silence from her, silence from him, defeat


and as all that was slowly slips out of your grasp

you punch and kick and fight to the death 

tears stream down your cheeks as you realize

that you are the only one fighting for life


they have abandoned you, bastards of the world

leaving you without answers, without reason

as if the vows you promised meant nothing at all 

as if the love you had never even existed 


the darkness has flooded in, daring to destroy you

but you outwit it with the most exquisite weaponry: 

cleverness, intuition, grace and charm

beauty, love, and determined perseverance


this is not where the story ends for you, darling

for i have seen your heart when love burns strong

and if energy exerted attracts like energy

your heart is a force to be reckoned with