a little less alone / by Ellen Sorensen

soft hums of an organ soothe my mind

little rifts, taps of a snare, horns building 

all the melancholy of a gray downpour

slid into these blues, into these hues


bells twinkle, strings quietly bounce 

and the sparkle returns to my eyes

holy are the sounds that i listen to

transforming are the rhythms of this song


the corners of my lips curve up 

a slight smile as melodies begin

and the wealth of this masterpiece 

showers me with all it’s intricacies 


this singular experience is so much more

than just a few minutes of enjoyment

it is the heartbeat of a culture

a voice that echoes out into the universe


and the amazing thing about this music

this art, this imagination, this creation

is that it resonates within my bones

so i sing and dance along with countless generations

and i feel a little less alone